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Module series 40

Residential all year round, wooden frame module with a living area of 40m2

Company ReGat LTD has been operating successfully in the business environment for several years. Despite the current conditions in Europe and the world, the company is constantly evolving and today we can say, that we have successfully developed a new series of products with different layouts and modifications (Economy / Standard / Luxury) in demand on the market.

"Module series 40" is a timber frame modular home with external dimensions of 4.4 x 11.9 x 3.9 (h) m.

The module is designed so, that it can be fully manufactured and completed in our factory, which allows to optimize processes, increase quality and deliver it ready for use immediately. The only works expected at the site are the installation of foundation (screw piles - one working day), the installation of the module and the connection of external communications (two working days).

A little bit of what has been done